Where Is It Working?

One of the ultimate goals of redesigning the way we finance and invest in our country’s talent is to measure the success of innovative strategies to scale up the efforts that work. Today, there are already some exceptional models for how we can and should transform the talent finance system to ensure that it works for everyone involved.

Living Better for $1 a Day

NATIONWIDE: Two Walmart employees share their experience of upskilling through the company’s Live Better U program, which offers various degrees for just $1 a day.

Changing Lives, Saving Lives

OHIO: Employer innovation at the local level — KeyBank and Cuyahoga Community College developed a training program to fill the regional demand for first responders.

No Experience Required: Building a New Digital Workforce

MASSACHUSETTS: The Akamai Technical Academy offers a new start to college graduates and military veterans through a paid six-month training program. What candidates do not need is prior experience in technology.

Local Talent – Not for Export: Delta College Fast Start™ Training Programs

MICHIGAN: The Delta College Fast Start™ training program with the Dow Chemical Company and Great Lakes Bay Michigan Works ensures that the largest employer in this Michigan region has a skilled workforce comprised of homegrown talent. In just 13 weeks, Fast Start™ participants Spencer and Trevor received hands-on training from retired Dow workers, gaining skills that put them above and beyond other job seekers. Learn more about how they took a chance on themselves and changed their career trajectories.

Hospital Workforce Collaborative

Amazon Career Choice

Revature and Staffing Model Innovation

Targeting Finance Innovations to Opportunity Populations