Why Do We Need to Innovate?

In the new economy, talent is king. Companies will compete on how well they are able to find, source, develop, advance, and retain talent. Learners and workers will compete on skills, credentials, and the ability to be agile in a dynamic labor market and economy.

Communities too will compete on their ability to attract, develop, and retain a competitive workforce that will drive economic growth, opportunity, and prosperity. For the United States to grow its economy and strengthen its global competitiveness while also expanding economic opportunity in a rapidly changing economy, it requires a fundamental reimagining of our approach and the role of the private and public sectors within it.

The Current System Is Flawed...

Work & Learning Are Not Connected

Learning Opportunities Are Not Equal

The Economy Is Rapidly Changing

Risk & Reward Are Unclear

Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., President & CEO of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) on the Skilled Worker Shortage and Role of the Employer

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